The Challenge of Living In a Blue-Pill World

(GLARING Hypocrisy) We live in a blue-pill world.

For the vast majority of folk this doesn’t even register as an issue, for they have consented to take part, knowingly or unknowingly, in the grand game of apparent reality.

The problem is, the consensual world is one that’s simultaneously upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out. It’s a world in which divergence from the prescribed paradigm is curtailed by mass media brainwashing, subjecting the masses to endless repetitions of official narratives and agendas.

Life continues as normal in the blue-pill world.

Life continues as normal in the blue-pill world.

A growing minority of people, however, have awoken from their blue-pill slumber.

These courageous souls have sought out or stumbled upon the truth, and, as a result, have chosen to take the red pill. And where there might still be gaps in awareness and understanding of particularities, the fundamental truth gleaned from such enquiries — that the blue-pill world is contrived, deceptive and illusory — can never be forgotten.

When you lift the veil, reality cannot return to the realm of the unseeable.

When you disengage from the apparent you unshackle yourself from restrictions of enquiry and thought, enabling you to think the previously unthinkable and discover truths in places you once had no idea existed.

Yet, despite the freedom one gains from opening one’s eyes and mind to that which is beneath or behind the apparent, living in this blue-pill world will always be challenging for red-pill dissidents who see the fakery everywhere.

What were once simple conversations — with friends, family or acquaintances, almost invariably revolving around the apparent — suddenly become dilemmas: whether or not to reveal what and how much you know, or whether to restrict yourself to the apparent and engage in another empty encounter.

Whenever a person or group of people step outside the ostensible world, there are innumerable apparent individuals who voluntarily police their fellow human beings, denouncing them as anti-this and anti-that, this-phobic and that-phobic, haters and bigots, and, of course, conspiracy theorists. Anything to disparage the critical thinker, the true individual.

Such ad hominen attacks on those who seek and speak the truth are designed to both divert and intimidate: both the listener, viewer or reader from the message, and, more importantly, the truth seeker from continuing to speak out. While such tactics might silence some, the powers-that-be — the creators of this blue-pill world — have something much more Orwellian in their arsenal for those who are not silenced so easily.

Truth has been rebranded as hate speech; and “hate speech” is being criminalised.

The powers-that-be rely on a variety of informers, exactly as East Germany’s DDR relied on their extensive network of Stasi spies, both paid and voluntary, to identify those critical of the oppressive regime. Today, social media and online communication increase the opportunity for spying, as well as the number of ways for propagandised folk to report even the slightest offence under the guise of combatting “hate speech”.

Our present-day world of smoke and mirrors is now infested with snitches and shills, trolls and traitors, presstitutes and purveyors of perversion — all of whom are willing to betray their fellow human being for a paycheck or a good-citizen gold star.

Thus, not only can real-world relationships be tricky to navigate when the other party operates firmly within the blue-pill boundaries of understanding, the online world of communication can be a minefield of menace. Steering a course through these tricky and often treacherous waters requires courage, integrity and flexibility.

Exactly the same qualities as one needed to swallow the red pill in the first place.

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Mufidah Kassalias
Mufidah is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. She learned to connect dots at a young age when she mastered the Rubik’s Cube without instruction. In 2010 she unplugged her television and freed herself from brainwashing. As a result, she now sees dots everywhere and connects them in writing.

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