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(GLARING Hypocrisy) Yesterday the UK voted between a rock and a hard place, whether to remain in the European Union or to Brexit stage left.

In simple terms, voting for the rock that is the European Union was the ‘safe’ choice with many believing, since there would be no apparent change in relationship or status, that life in the UK would continue as usual. Voting for the hard place was, well, the harder choice as the UK would, in David Cameron’s words, take a “leap in the dark” and enter scary, uncharted territory. The potential consequences of such a leap, depending on which pundits one listens to, are either that of a “diminished role on the world stage”, according to Jacob Rothschild, or the opportunity to “gain in clout”, as Boris Johnson so plainly put it.

Less than 24 hours after the results were declared, with Leave returning 51.9% of votes, global markets are in chaos. The FTSE 100 index initially dropped 8% but rose again to within a 3.15% drop. Looking at the FTSE chart over a 12-month period we can see the lowest point in the past year was on February 11, 2016 — 5,536.97 — 601.72 lower than yesterday’s close at 6,138.69. Therefore, unless the FTSE continues to drop over the coming days, weeks and months, yesterday’s drop is not as drastic as we’re being told.

FTSE 100 Index on 24 June 2016

Reactions in the UK to today’s Brexit win are split between devastation and elation. Remainers cried over their breakfast while Leavers waved virtual Union Jacks. And, as is often the case with numbers, the above chart can be used to prove both sides right, with the Remainers believing this morning’s drop proof positive Leave was a bad decision, and the Leavers being certain the FTSE’s recovery is indicative of the UK’s inherent ability to not only recover but also to triumph.

If only it were that simple.

Both beliefs are based on a more fundamental belief in the apparent world we inhabit. A world in which the opinion of those living in a so-called democracy actually counts. A world in which there are no shadows of power playing the long game.

The endgame is, of course, for a totalitarian world government with a single currency. And the European Union has been considered a major step along the path of consolidation of power.

Given this, and the ease with which elections and referenda can be — and are — rigged, the question is how and why did Leave manage to win the day? Surely the powers that be would ensure Remain clocked 50-plus percent of the votes?

While that would certainly serve to keep the UK docked to the mother ship, it might do very little to reassure those people in eight other EU countries who have grown disillusioned with the European Union and would like their own referendum. But, an economically disastrous Brexit would do the trick.

While many analysts suggest the UK economy will survive a Brexit, notwithstanding a few bumps along the way, George Soros, Rothschild front man who infamously “broke the Bank of England” in 1992 while making a cool $1.5 billion in the process, issued a dire warning on June, 20th.

Too many believe that a vote to leave the EU will have no effect on their personal financial position. This is wishful thinking. It would have at least one very clear and immediate effect that will touch every household: the value of the pound would decline precipitously. It would also have an immediate and dramatic impact on financial markets, investment, prices and jobs.

It is reasonable to assume, given the expectations implied by the market pricing at present, that after a Brexit vote the pound would fall by at least 15% and possibly more than 20%, from its present level of $1.46 to below $1.15 (which would be between 25% and 30% below its pre-referendum trading range of $1.50 to $1.60). If sterling fell to this level, then ironically one pound would be worth about one euro — a method of “joining the euro” that nobody in Britain would want. […]

Today, there are speculative forces in the markets much bigger and more powerful. And they will be eager to exploit any miscalculations by the British government or British voters. A vote for Brexit would make some people very rich — but most voters considerably poorer.

I want people to know what the consequences of leaving the EU would be before they cast their votes, rather than after. A vote to leave could see the week end with a Black Friday, and serious consequences for ordinary people.

While the UK might be on the cusp of living Soros’ Black Friday prediction, should markets continue to tumble, he’s in the process of making yet another killing. But will his warning come to pass because it’s inevitable or because the economy is being, as Sean suggested yesterday, deliberately crashed?

The fact that Soros made the above prediction is undoubtedly having a major influence on market behaviour. Given who Soros is, his comments are tantamount to market manipulation. And, any such economic crash, whether directly related to Soros or not, would not only serve to dissuade folk in other European countries from voting leave if they’re granted a referendum, but also further line the pockets of the banksters themselves.

More fundamentally, however, economies across the world are houses of fiat currency notes just waiting to fall. What better scapegoat than a vote for Brexit? As Brandon Smith wrote just one day before the referendum:

In reality, the global economy is one massive thin-skinned bubble searching for a sharp object to impale itself on. The Brexit may very well be that sharp object.

Such a scenario, paradoxically, works very well with the Jew World Order’s goal, since a surefire way to get the majority of the world’s population gagging for a one world government is to create conditions so difficult that the masses become convinced that nation-states, with their individual currencies, are outdated and untenable. Once that happens everyone will gladly accept the proffered solution.

A perfect example of the Hegelian dialect at work.

However, even this Hegelian dialectic plays on the belief that nation-states still exist. Like all European countries, the UK has already lost its sovereignty, not only to the hydra that is the European Union, but more fundamentally to the Rothschild-controlled central banking cartel that wields its power through front men and think tanks, such as Soros and his Open Society Foundations, the Bilderberg group and the Council on Foreign Relations. Virtually all individuals in apparent power in Europe, and throughout the world, at both the national and international level, are working on behalf of the Jew World Order to further the global agenda.

No matter the route, whether direct or circuitous, we’re still heading full throttle towards world government. International agreements, such as Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are doing their part to curtail freedoms in such a way that most folk won’t see it coming. Unless enough people wake up, quickly, to the overarching agenda of world government, as well as what’s really behind these so-called sustainable agendas, we’ll all fall under the jackboot of the communist Jew World Order.

And that certainly won’t be the utopia that many might expect.

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Mufidah Kassalias
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