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New World Order Bible Versions

This compelling documentary explores the rich textual history of the King James Bible and exposes the corrupt origins of the modern versions. Find out why the King James Bible is consistent with all previous English translations, while the modern versions are all dramatically different. The changes being made in the modern versions are not incidental. They are part of a satanic agenda to undermine key Biblical teachings and prepare the population for an all-inclusive one world religion.

Marching to Zion

A documentary that traces the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70 to the founding of the modern-day nation of Israel in 1948. Biblical evidence is examined as well as history, cutting-edge DNA science, mathematics, and testimony from pastors and rabbis to settle once and for all one of the most controversial questions of all time: Who are God’s chosen people?

After the Tribulation

In this hard-hitting documentary, film-maker Paul Wittenberger (What in the World are They Spraying? and The Great Culling), Pastor Steven L Anderson, Pastor Roger Jimenez, and creation scientist Kent Hovind, prove from the King James Bible that the rapture will take place AFTER THE TRIBULATION but before God pours out his wrath upon this earth. They also expose Satan’s plans for a global government and new world order.

The Book of Revelation

There has never been a time when it was more necessary to read and understand the Book of Revelation than today.  In this scripture-packed series, Pastor Steven L Anderson takes you verse-by-verse through the Book of Revelation, explaining every line and leaving no stone unturned. Brought to you by film-maker Paul Wittenberger, these 22 sermons will cut through the disinformation and false doctrine and expose solid biblical truth. By the end of this series, you will have a clear understanding of every chapter in the Book of Revelation.

An Overview of the Entire Bible

Pastor Steven L. Anderson’s excellent overview of the Bible in which he explains how the individual books can be grouped together by: chronology, the poetic/wisdom books, the major Old Testament prophets, the minor Old Testament prophets, the Gospels, the historical Gospel, the Epistles — Paul’s letters to the churches, and to the pastors — the general epistles, and the final, prophetic book, the Book of Revelation.

How To Know You're Going to Heaven!

Sean M. Madden shares the Good News in How to Be Absolutely Certain You’re Going to Heaven! — A Clear Presentation of the Gospel. Sean reads from the King James Bible (KJV), explaining both the meaning of the verses and the reason why it’s important to read the KJV rather than any of the many New World Order translations.

A Lamp in the Dark

A Lamp In the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible reveals critical information often overlooked in modern histories. Throughout the Middle Ages, the Papal Inquisition forbade biblical translation, threatening imprisonment and death to those who disobeyed. The world was turned upside down by the Protestant Reformation which preached the grace of God, and exposed the unbiblical doctrines of Rome. In response, the Vatican launched a Counter Reformation to destroy the work of the Reformers, including the bibles they produced.

Tares Among the Wheat

In the 19th century, a revolution in biblical scholarship was prompted by the publication of a never-before-seen manuscript, Codex Sinaiticus. The work was allegedly “discovered” in a rubbish basket at a Greek Orthodox monastery in Egypt by German scholar Constantine von Tischendorf, who declared it to be the oldest Bible ever found. While many in the academic world did not fully believe his story, they accepted his claims about the antiquity of the codex. Shortly afterwards, Greek paleographer Constantine Simonides declared that he had created the manuscript in 1840.

Bridge to Babylon

Bridge to Babylon: Rome Ecumenism & The Bible discusses biblical scholars Westcott and Hort who, in 1881, published a revision of the New Testament. Their new textual theory declared that the King James Version (which had been trusted for centuries) was full of errors and that the book, which had been called the inerrant Word of God, was in need of correction. The theory claimed that recently recovered manuscripts revealed a truer version of Scripture. Yet others warned that these manuscripts were the creation of early Gnostic heretics that had been rightly abandoned centuries before.

Jesus: The King of the Jews

Sermon by Pastor Steven L. Anderson about Jesus being The King of the Jews. He also explains that Jesus is King of kings — the King in the Old Testament, the King when he walked on this earth, and the King at his second coming. And that he will be King of the whole earth during the Millennial Reign.

The Christian Reality

Christians all over the world are being suppressed, oppressed, and persecuted for their faith, in numbers never seen before. True Christianity is being killed, culled, silenced, oppressed and suppressed all across the world; so that they can bring about the fake Christ, the fake Christianity, the universalist false-messiah.

The Old Testament Prophets

A must listen for those who think that Christianity came from the ‘Jews’, or for anyone who believes that the Old Testament God is a different God than the New Testament God.

Books & Documents

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The Book of Revelation
Book of Revelation Timeline 1
Book of Revelation Timeline 2


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The Christian Reality: Do You Know Christianity? Nate Brown, Christian Truther

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