An Open Letter: Confronting the Closeted Hatred of Jesus Christ

(GLARING HypocrisyI published the below within the #CreativeTribes Slack community approximately 24 hours ago. I share it, now, within the GLARING Hypocrisy community as its contents concern the work which we likewise do here, as elsewhere. I’ve removed the immediate recipient’s name to whom I was writing in reply, though the post was openly shared with the community as a whole.

Hello. Thanks for writing.

Firstly, this all arose because of a post I (thankfully) published in #CreativeTribes on the Monday immediately following the Thanksgiving weekend, within which I described my highly positive experience of sharing a very brief Christian Thanksgiving message with my then-nearly 2,700 LinkedIn connections (which have since grown to 2,800+). Mufidah and I are Christians, and I’m an American. The last time I checked, sharing such a heartfelt message was not (yet) deemed a criminal act. Nor publishing a follow-on post on the topic of one’s tribe building-related experience of writing to one’s own tribe.

Nothing has, in fact, changed in #CreativeTribes, except a relative very few folk have had their feelings bruised by my post. That’s not surprising given that we’re living in a decidedly antichrist world. But, in the end, I’m free to post what I see fit to post.

I might not personally like the product offerings that other folk put forth into the marketplace, and discuss here in #CreativeTribes, but I don’t go into meltdown over it. Nor if folk are building tribes around ideas that might not reflect my own values. Folk are free to share their ideas, etc.

Again, last time I checked we’re not (yet) living in the likes of communist China or N. Korea — though admittedly we’re extraordinarily close to it, what with: 1) the total post-9/11 crackdown on our inalienable (meaning, God-given) right to freedom of expression, etc., 2) the rise of the total-surveillance state to safeguard not “national security” but the tyranny and organized criminality of our once sovereign nation-states, and 3) the various intel agency co-opted social media platforms, Google, etc. banning, or shadow-banning, posts, whole websites and individuals and groups who have the courage to speak truth to power, a strongly held, Constitutionally protected, and traditional American value.

Question: Who decided, unbeknownst to Mufidah and me — the founders of #CreativeTribes — that the topic of religion had been banned?

One of our several tribes consists of Bible-believing Christians. The (free) offering of our recently launched website is the sharing of the faith-based gospel of Jesus Christ.

Are Mufidah and I now banned from publishing related posts to #CreativeTribes, a community that we created, now, three years ago?

And if folk are so concerned about sharing tribe-building, startup, etc. related posts, who/what’s stopping you/them from doing so?

The ironic thing is that if the folk whose noses have been bent out of joint were to actually do what they claim to love about #CreativeTribes — sharing and engaging with such posts as described above — any posts of mine or Mufidah’s would comprise far fewer of the total posts published within #CreativeTribes.

Instead, folk who vehemently claim they don’t want to talk about religion, are putting forth unprecedented amounts of energy propping up the very topic they claim not to be interested in. That’s one irony.

Another irony I’ve already written about here in #CreativeTribes. Namely, that it’s typically those least involved in the community who complain the most about it. Whereas, those who are the most involved in the community get, by far, the most out of it.

Life is, of course, chockablock with such ironies. If nothing else, they give occasion for Mufidah and me to smile in incredulity concerning those who seek to get what they invest so very little to nothing in. And it’s not in the slightest ironic that this phenomenon is on the rapid rise throughout all realms of life, worldwide, given the cradle-to-death, and in fact multi-generational, Marxist brainwashing we’ve all been subjected to 24/7.

I am unspeakably grateful that my decades of intensive reading and research have empowered me to shed all such brainwashing that’s aimed at the killing of the soul, the defeat of the individual, and, ultimately, the total enslavement of all of humanity. Mufidah likewise.

In contrast to the complainers, I’ve continued posting what I care to share in the various channels here, and have likewise continued carrying on value-added conversations within #CreativeTribes — throughout the time since I published my post-Thanksgiving holiday post.

If you or other individuals haven’t been active in the community, then that’s your/their decision, and is no fault of ours.

The elephant in the room, of course, is that a great many more folk hate the Lord Jesus Christ than will readily admit of such hatred. If I, or anyone else, were discussing meditation or yoga, for instance, folk wouldn’t be popping gaskets in response. There’s something very peculiar about the despising of Jesus in particular. And that peculiarity has a great deal to do with his being truth itself, as well as the glaring hypocrisy of those whom he openly rebuked.

At any rate, all I wrote yesterday remains the case. If you or anyone else decides, at any moment, that you’re no longer interested in contributing to, or otherwise being part of, the #CreativeTribes community, then you’re wholly free to part ways. Safe travels to all.

Mufidah and I, on the other hand, will continue to post whatever we like to #CreativeTribes. We’re highly aware of the underlying phenomenon which has as its mission the crucifying of Christianity. We’ve been on the front lines of this battle for a good, long while, and we’re not going to relinquish our inalienable rights just because of any number of antichrists who happen to be with us in #CreativeTribes. Folk are, of course, free to be antichrists, just as we’re free to be disciples of Christ, sharing the gospel with anyone and everyone as we see fit.

We each choose our own destiny, and, by the grace of God, we’ve chosen ours.

God bless.

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Sean M. Madden
Sean M. Madden is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.

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