Faith-Based Gospel Call to a Longtime Buddhist

(GLARING Hypocrisy) Below is a lightly edited email I wrote to a longtime Buddhist and meditation teacher, who is likewise an active Jew World Order resister. For privacy purposes, I’ve changed the first name of a mutual friend. Of course, the intention of this post is to help bring a great many more folk to the true faith-based gospel of Jesus Christ. Any and all social media shares, etc. would, therefore, be greatly appreciated as a big help in reaching more folk around the world.

Good morning,

I suppose you might have unsubscribed given all of my writings concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the fact that all who reject Him shall find themselves in the bottomless pit, until they’re, then, cast into the lake of fire and brimstone after the white throne judgment of the dead.

Not to mention that one of your idols — Adolf Hitler — is, according to me, suffering in eternal torment.

It’s a lot to take on board. And I truly do understand that this might all grieve you to the very quick.

But, please, hear me out …

Here’s my now archived Mindful Living Guide website, which I ran from 2006 through 2014, and by way of which I earned my full-time living for many years, teaching creative writing, philosophy and literature, meditation, etc. My last post was six months prior to being saved, through faith, in Jesus Christ.

I’d been taught meditation by my yogini mother as an infant, and taught myself, in my early teen years, what I eventually learned was the very essence of mindfulness meditation, just as the Buddha practiced it. All to say that I was a serious meditator throughout my life.

And I was certain that it was the path of truth, that enlightenment was inevitable, and have had many such encounters that are beyond words. I can drop into meditation in a heartbeat, no matter what I’m doing. Even teaching a class. Or in severe pain. Or simply being.

I also have an M.A. in Eastern (India, China, Japan) philosophy and classics, in addition to another M.A. in Western philosophy and classics. Throughout both programs, I was a serious not daily but continual meditator.

Faith-Based Gospel Call

I also remember you’re having previously told me that you were once a born-again Christian, but that that fell away.

I can tell you that the label “born-again Christian” is bandied about from all sorts of folk who’ve attended all sorts of apostate Christian churches, and that the likelihood of your having actually come to Christ by way of the true faith-based gospel is virtually nil. Christian apostasy is everywhere. Relative to the whole, scarcely a person professing Christ is actually saved, as the overwhelming majority have been taught a works-based gospel, even a great many a supposed faith-based gospel that, in the end, turns out to have been one of a million false gospels which Satan’s minions are covering the world with.

In your personal case, I can tell you — with absolute assurance — that you were never, in fact, saved. You were never born again.

The reason I can know this is that once a person is truly saved — through the true faith-based gospel of Jesus Christ — one’s soul is, literally, quickened by the Holy Spirit who indwells forevermore. The Comforter will never leave you. He seals your redemption, and is the earnest given us by the Son until such time as we are brought into His presence. Even the faith of a truly saved person will never leave him/her, as even if one’s faith seems to fail, God’s faith keeps us safe.

Trust me — I would have rejected everything I’ve just said throughout my life, right up until just a few years ago. Now I realize how wrong I had been to reject Christ and Christianity. Not so much because of Jesus but because of what passes in this world as the latter, the false Christian religion(s) that have, in fact, been Satan’s most powerful tools as a means to spread worldwide rejection of the true Christ, the one which, in fact, most of these “churches” hate. Just like the false Jews, which you and I both do our best to resist, hate the one and only Savior which they mocked, tortured and cruelly crucified.

If you knew, truly knew, the true (King James) Bible, you’d know that all I’ve written herein is true. The literally hundreds of prophecies strewn throughout the Old Testament, from Genesis right through to Malachi, were fulfilled — perfectly — in Jesus Christ. Just as the fulfillment of OT prophecies continued after Christ was crucified, right up to the destruction of the second temple in 70 AD, exactly as Gabriel had told Daniel would happen. Let this brief article show you the statistical impossibility of just eight prophecies being fulfilled by Jesus Christ, let alone the hundreds within the Old Testament which have already been fulfilled.

Right up to our present day in which the darkness of this world is growing, daily, ever darker. And I mean this both metaphorically, in terms of the evil which is spreading like lit gasoline, and literally, in terms of our sunshine being blocked by geoengineering aerosols. From what I’ve heard from Jane, it seems your part of the world hasn’t been hit by this yet. But I can tell you that it’s the case throughout much of the world. Our sun has, literally, been stolen.

Satan and his company of fallen angels — existing, now, as demons — have long been on the march, but are now working furiously to raise the Antichrist on high, such that Satan himself can try to raise himself as “God”. He will do so, and the vast majority of human beings, worldwide, will, literally, worship him and his image. And take the mark of the beast, which will ensure their eternal damnation.

The appropriately named (by Jesus Himself) synagogue of Satan is, of course, a key part of this endeavor. The false Jews are desperate for their false messiah.

Those days are very clearly approaching with great and growing rapidity. Everything’s lining up like clockwork, just as the Bible very clearly shows us.

Faith-Based Gospel Call

I very much doubt that you’re ever going to get a clearer, more knowing gospel call than what I’m taking time, first thing today, to share with you. If you walk away from this crystalline gospel call, you’re very likely to never, ever call upon Jesus Christ to save you. And God will, eventually, turn His back on you. He will eventually sear your conscience, and blind you such that you are no longer capable of seeing, or hearing, the gospel truth.

And your fate will be sealed. You will be as now, the walking dead. And your destiny will be that literal fiery hell which will torment forever.

Mufidah and I can both tell from watching your various videos, and seeing the way in which you talk with folk, that you’re an extremely perceptive, sensitive and caring person. Your friendship with Jane attests to this fact. But I can tell you — with one hundred percent certainty — that you’re in grave danger. And you cannot know when God shall require your soul. It could be many years from now, by which time God will have likely long ago seared your conscience. Or it could be sometime this year, this month, this week, or even sometime this very day. None of us can know when our life will end.

But if you were to die today, your soul is presently damned to hell.

When all the while, you could simply have called upon Jesus Christ, and in that very moment, He would save you. Simply for your having placed all of your trust, all of your faith, on Him for your salvation. And, importantly, on Him alone. God will not be mocked. He knows what’s in your heart. And, thus, it’s crucially important that you believe in your heart that God hath raised Him from the dead. As Romans 10 says:

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Will you please do me an unspeakably huge favor? Watch this 21-minute gospel video that I made last March, while we were living in Cornwall, England. Take a look at the Salvation page of our The Good Shepherd website, which might serve to answer any questions you might have after watching the video. And reach out to me once you’ve done these things. I’ve invested far more time in writing this email to you than you’ll need to invest (in your own eternity) in what I ask of you, above.

Thank you.

With warm regards,



If you’d like to call upon Jesus Christ for your salvation, below is my 21-minute King James Bible gospel presentation:


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Sean M. Madden
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