For All True Lovers of Liberty: LaVoy Finicum Family Interview


(GLARING Hypocrisy) In this hour-and-a-half-long video, four family members of LaVoy Finicum — including his wife Jeanette and three of the Finicums’ adult children — are interviewed by John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight. Be sure to watch the whole interview.

We’d been keeping a close eye on the so-called Oregon standoff from the beginning, and we continue to do likewise in the aftermath of this gargantuan event, that the traitorous Jew World Order media has done everything to warp from the outset and to silence in the present. And we know full well that the domestic terrorists are not the patriots but, rather, the unlawful federal government — a corporate fiction which has thoroughly pulled the wool over the eyes of the vast majority of a deeply asleep American people, and, too, the people of the world. For the U.S. government is operating on a wholly unlawful and, thus, illegitimate basis.

Read that again — the U.S. “government” has no legitimacy (nor do the treasonous “governments” of any of the JWO proxy nation-states throughout the Western world), and no basis in God-given law, the source of our unalienable rights. Rights, that is, which no government can institute or take away, nor which any man, woman or child can transfer or otherwise give away. They are our rights forevermore, provided by God to each and every one of us irrespective of whatever country or society we were born into.

And with these rights come solemn responsibilities to love and to protect one another as God commands us. It is in this regard that the American, and, indeed, the world’s people, have been sorely missing-in-action, as we’ve allowed ourselves to be diverted and divided in countless ways.

This we must all rectify — today, in this very moment.

This is not a fight merely for Americans, but is, in fact, a fight for every single human being, non-Jew or Jew, who is not a leader or an instrument of the Jew World Order. If you’ve come to realize that you have been such an instrument, and have been taken advantage of as a useful idiot, now is the time to come clean and to join with and to serve your fellow man.

The Jew World Order domestic terrorists masquerading as Americans (and, indeed, masquerading as Jews) know that the only way they can complete their sordid conquest of the whole of humanity is to, first, take down the American republic. For the American people, because of their unique constitutional history if not their present actions, are the titleholders of a heritage steeped in the necessity for and prerequisites of liberty.

LaVoy Finicum behind Tree

LaVoy Finicum

In fact, the American republic has been taken down. And this is so, in large measure, due to the fact that the American people, over the course of the past century-plus, have not kept these prerequisites of liberty alive in their hearts, and they have not kept a vigilant watch over the Jew World Order enemies within.

They’ve been far too lazy, far too wrapped up in becoming de facto Jews who, thereby, crave all things material, while vacating the virtues of truth, honor, humility and a God-fearing life. The American people were thus made easy prey for the craven, duplicitous and mass-murdering Jew World Order which stops at nothing in subduing and usurping those of us in their crosshairs.

That is, all of us.

However, there still exists a core of true American patriots who know that the only way they can possibly save the American republic — and, thereby, all of humanity — from the Jew World Order is to educate their presently fast-asleep brethren in the present and historical reality that has, in their slumber, utterly passed them by.

We at GLARING Hypocrisy thank, from the bottom of our hearts, these true liberty-loving patriots, and especially the Finicum, Bundy and Hammond families, and all the lesser-known folk who are actively engaged in these opening battles of the present war to take back our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of property (downgraded to a far more ethereal happiness in America’s founding documents) for ourselves and our posterity.

Mufidah and I have been in a heavy research period over the past couple of weeks, and have drafted out various posts that are not yet ready for publication. We’re likewise continuing to delve into scripture daily, specifically revisiting the four gospel accounts, as well as the books of Isaiah and Revelation. As noted in our opening essay, Toppling the Jew World Order: It’s Now or Never!, it is of crucial import to us that everything we do come through our having given over our earthly lives to God, to serve his will. This requires that we remain grounded in scripture, while continuing to invest time in keeping abreast of human endeavors as they unfold as well as in retrospect by way of uncovering historical truths that have long been dog-piled with manifold layers of grotesque lies.

LaVoy Finicum and Horse - uncropped

LaVoy Finicum

To learn more about, and to support, the Finicum and Bundy families, please visit the following sites:

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Sean M. Madden
Sean M. Madden is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.

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