GH Interview with WWII Historian Vincent Reynouard & His Translator, Valerie


(GLARING Hypocrisy) On Sunday, September 25, we interviewed Vincent Reynouard, a prolific WWII historian, from France but presently living in exile in England. Vincent is known for his work debunking the “Holocaust” and Oradour-sur-Glane lies.

His well-documented conclusion concerning the June 10, 1944 Oradour tragedy is that the Waffen SS were scapegoated by the French Resistance active in the village — and that, essentially, the tragedy was the unfortunate result of a policing action gone bad, not a predetermined massacre. We’re also joined by his, and our, likewise prolific translator, Valerie.

Additional resources — including links to Vincent’s and Valerie’s respective websites, YouTube channels, etc. — are included within the YouTube video description. Please share this post and video widely, folks.

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Sean M. Madden
Sean M. Madden is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.

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