INTERVIEW: Police Seize Holocaust & 9/11 Truther Alfred Schaefer’s Computers, Papers, etc.


(GLARING Hypocrisy) The above video is a 29-minute interview, recorded Friday, August 19, 2016, with Alfred Schaefer, a German-Canadian Holocaust and 9/11 truther and video producer. Early Thursday morning, Alfred and his wife Elfriede’s house was visited by two German criminal police officers who, after providing a search warrant, took possession of Alfred’s computer equipment (e.g., Mac, drives, iPad), various papers and even his iPod.

Alfred is the brother of Monika Schaefer, the German-Canadian woman who, alongside Alfred, produced the Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust video that has garnered much media attention around the world. GLARING Hypocrisy interviews with Monika are available here and here, with additional GH coverage here.

As part of the above interview with Alfred, he discusses the video entitled, A Dissident Speaking Out – Gerhard Ittner, which he posted to his YouTube channel on August 14.

We suggest you watch this brief but potent discussion between Alfred and Gerhard Ittner, who was unlawfully abducted from Portugal and imprisoned for five years for denouncing the lies of the Jewish Holocaust. But — as we like to see here at GLARING Hypocrisy — the import of their discussion reaches far beyond the Holohoax into the present-day Jew World Order tyranny that has all of humanity in its crosshairs. Notably, Ittner had already sent Alfred’s video to all of the judges in Germany before the Schaefers received their home visit from the Kriminalpolizei.

Comment from Germar Rudolf (22 Aug 16):

Criminal in German is “kriminell.” “Kriminalpolizei” is police going after criminals, while criminal police would be “kriminelle Poizei.” The guys who searched Alfred’s home were from the “Landeskriminalamt, Dezernat Staatsschutz” — State Bureau for Crimes Investigation, Department for State Protection, modern Germany’s Gestapo. They investigate crimes committed for political reasons or crimes threatening the “state” (nation, government, authorities, system, powers-that-be, call them what you want). Alfred gets his “non-criminal” stuff back once the case is settled, maybe in five years, if he’s indicted, tried and sentenced, plus appeal, revision, and what have you. He won’t get his computers or video equipment back, though, if he is convicted, because these are weapons of his alleged crime of peaceful dissent. A drug dealer doesn’t get his drugs back and the equipment he used to synthesize them, and neither does a revisionist get his equipment back with which he synthesized his dangerous thought drugs used to seduce others to turn into dysfunctional members of society — revisionist zombies, so to say. This government-enforced insanity has its inner logic.

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Sean M. Madden
Sean M. Madden is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.

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