Did You Know Israel Nuked Yemen in May 2015? Why Not?


(GLARING Hypocrisy) Thanks to a GH reader responding to our perpetual call for Open Source Resistance to the Jew World Order, we learned this past weekend that Israel dropped a “tactical” nuclear (more specifically, a neutron) bomb over Yemen on May 20, 2015.

Did you know this had happened? We didn’t.

But the crucial question to ask is: Why not? How did the dropping of a nuclear bomb — even if “tactical” in nature — not hit every newspaper’s top headline, worldwide, and every television broadcast’s breaking news? Not to mention the follow-up analysis of such a (would-be) world-shattering event, whether via the mainstream, “alternative” or truly independent media?

Open Source Resistance to the Jew World Order!

I’ve scoured a bunch of the videos of this explosion on YouTube. And dug into various articles on the topic.

Several crucially important things need stating:

    • Israel’s Mossad and the Jew World Order’s sayanim “helpers” were exceedingly busy trying to misdirect, via dismissive comments, anyone who happens upon either these videos of the nuclear blast or articles written in response. You can rest assured that they were notified to take up their keyboards prior to the crime against humanity having been perpetrated so as to minimize the impact of the inevitable on-location coverage by way of mobile phone video recordings, etc.
    • The best overall coverage — both early-on and retrospective — is provided by Veterans Today, of which I’ve for many years been highly skeptical, and critical, given the Jewish editor Gordon Duff’s admission to lying in print 40 percent of the time. That said, VT’s coverage of this event is solid, and it doesn’t take a rocket, or nuclear, scientist to realize that this was, indeed, a nuclear explosion (which it turns out was dropped by a U.S.-made and paid-for Israeli F16, ostensibly, on behalf of crypto-Jew-ruled Saudi Arabia).
    • As if GLARING Hypocrisy readers needed further evidence, the fact that the international media, worldwide, essentially buried this story proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that all such media — and, indeed, our long-ago former nation-states — are wholly in the grip of the satanic Jew World Order. They control and have long controlled each and every one of our former countries, whether we live in the Americas, Europe, Asia or any other continent. I came to this terrible conclusion quite a long while before Mufidah and I embarked upon our slow travels in 2012, and everything we’ve both witnessed and otherwise learned in the nearly six years since confirms this still largely unknown truth.
    • It necessarily follows that ALL elections are bunk. ALL would-be political saviors are puppets. ALL mainstream and much of so-called alternative media is controlled opposition that exists to keep us all in a perpetual 24/7 stupor in which all we “know” turns out to be an infinitely layered nest of unspeakable lies. This very much includes ALL of history, so-called.
    • And that humanity’s only worldly way out of this mess, is for men and women in every single country around the world to spread word of the Jew World Order jackboot that, as noted in our previous GH post, intends to murder 14 out of every 15 people, worldwide, and to enslave the vast majority of the 500 million then left alive. Then we must collectively topple the Jew World Order!
    • Even more importantly — as if preventing the Jew World Order’s intended murder of 7 billion human beings weren’t enough — we must all, ourselves, call upon Jesus Christ as our one and only means of salvation. Otherwise, we have nothing to hope for beyond this hell on earth but to land in an infinitely more hellacious place when we die. Furthermore, it is incumbent upon each saved person to reach out to everyone they can — loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, friends and complete strangers — with the true faith-based gospel of Jesus Christ. If not, God will require the blood of these unsaved persons at your hand, should you fail in your duty as a watchman, that is, as a saved Christian in the know. We must do everything we can to reach out to the countless folk, worldwide — apostate Christians included — who’ve yet to hear the true gospel so that they can call upon Christ for forgiveness and to be cleansed, thereby, of their sins. Before it’s too late.
    • Switch off from a lifetime of 24/7 Jew World Order indoctrination, and become fully human again! Throw away (don’t do anyone a grievous turn by giving them your) television. Destroy it. Unplug from the radio. Make a commitment to never attend or otherwise watch or listen to another mind- and soul-destroying Jew production (e.g., film, television show, concert, song or music video) of any sort. And unsubscribe from, and quit even looking at, any Jewspapers or Jew-produced magazines or any other sort of chronicle, whether in print or pixels. In short, take the red pill.
    • And pick up a King James Bible, and get a(n eternal) life — and burn any other so-called “bible” (e.g., NIV, ESV, NKJV). Again, don’t give these satanic and deliberately “mistranslated” “bibles” to anyone. Do humanity and God a great favor by destroying every single one of them in your possession. Here’s the inexpensive yet high-quality KJV Bible (Amazon.com) that Mufidah and I read. Also, here are two wonderful (and free) online King James Bible resources which we always have open within pinned tabs in our respective web browsers: 1) King James Bible Online, and 2) King James Bible Dictionary. We both read daily from the likewise free Tecarta Bible app on our phones; this is a topnotch, highly rated app that’s free to download (with the default King James Bible!) to either your iPhone or Android phone. These resources will help you to daily grow in the Word of God in these dark latter days. Also, here’s my 21-minute gospel video, and our gospel website. So you’ve, literally, got everything you need to, knowingly and assuredly, call upon Jesus Christ right now. Today.

God bless us all — or, at least, those of us who care enough to acknowledge and to live for and through Him.

Again, in closing, it’s our job (God’s commandment) to get out there and make sure everyone we can reach has been presented with the true faith-based gospel of Jesus Christ, and has, thereby, been given the choice of whether to accept or reject our Creator-Savior. That’s true love.

And God’s free gift to us all.

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Sean M. Madden
Sean M. Madden is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.

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