We’ve Just Launched Two GLARING Hypocrisy YouTube Video Series


(GLARING Hypocrisy) A brief post to let the GLARING Hypocrisy community know that we’ve just launched two new video series on our YouTube channel. The first episode of The Good News series was posted this past Saturday, and the first episode (above) of the Toppling the Jew World Order series was posted today, just a short while ago.

Below is the YouTube playlist description for The Good News series:

GLARING Hypocrisy: The Good News Video Series

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And here’s the description for the Toppling the Jew World Order series:

GLARING Hypocrisy: Toppling JWO Video Series

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We’re looking forward to creating and posting regular installments to both new video series. With both series, we’ll be focusing in on one inspiring and insightful topic for each episode, so that they’ll generally be quite succinct. That said, we wanted to make certain that the first episode of each new series properly lays the foundation for the two ongoing video series. We hope you’ll likewise find the two new series both inspiring and insightful.

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Sean M. Madden
Sean M. Madden is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. A whistleblower who had a client company shut down by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1990s, Sean has been on an all-out quest for truth ever since. GLARING Hypocrisy is the culmination of this quest.

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