Letter to a Loved One — For All to Read

(GLARING Hypocrisy) Last week I wrote the below letter to a loved one, a family member. I decided to publish it for all the world to read, as its message is urgent and its contents crucial — for all of humanity — if we are to survive the evil that presently abounds in the Jew World Order, and gain true freedom. Potentially identifying passages have been altered slightly for privacy concerns.

Polka-Dotted Sussex Skies

Polka-Dotted Sussex Skies, 22 August 2016 (watch original video)

Hello, again.

A 2-minute video from Geoengineering Watch. Surely you can invest two minutes to watch this.

Here’s the accompanying topnotch article, chockablock with facts and published just yesterday, by way of which I came upon the above video.

You say you’re interested in Mufidah’s and my travels. So I’ll write from that perspective.

We arrived in our hometown in the South East of England this past Monday. We’re both sickened by what it’s like, as we are, increasingly, each year we return. The skies are filled with nothing but aerosols pulsed with microwaved EMF radiation. Further, what used to be a deep-green landscape (our hometown is on the South Downs, a nationally protected area designated as a place of outstanding natural beauty) is now chalky white, 24/7/365.

Why? Because the aerosols sprayed in the skies — which you reject out-of-hand — are glaringly obvious at ground level, literally even in our backyard.

(You are aware that John Brennan, the present director of the CIA, admitted the existence of the geoengineering program in a recent speech at the Council on Foreign Relations?)

Likewise in the most rural parts of France, the Greek islands, remote Bulgaria, the Swiss Alps, the French Alps, the Italian Alps, the Austrian-German Alps, and everywhere else we’ve traveled to, whether hot or cold, sea-level or in the mountains, whether rural or urban, and irrespective of season.

You went into the Armed Forces apparently without concern as to who’d be on the other end of the advanced weaponry. Fortunately for your soul you left that path, for it’s irrefutable with historical hindsight that those aforementioned would have been innocent civilians of countries that the Jew World Order instructed their proxy (former) nation-states to go to war against. You might not believe in any such Jew World Order, but that’s only because you refute, again out-of-hand, anything which their controlled media outlets won’t ever tell you.

You’ve apparently sealed tight your mind against any facts which might be uncomfortable to consider.


Here’s a short post I published yesterday, with an 8-minute video that I shot the day before, here in the South East.

We’re surrounded by the South Downs here, which, again, used to be crystal clear, green landscape for a dozen or so miles along the coast. We would awaken daily and see the Downs several towns away from our bedroom window in Lewes. Now they’re behind a gauze of white even while you’re standing on the Downs themselves, looking at the next field over. This is a landscape we both know like the backs of our own hands. And each year we return, the cumulative effect of the geoengineering gets horrendously far worse.

And yet those who get their worldview by way of the Jew World Order media — which boastful Jews gloat in their own publications about their so controlling, as they do about controlling the American people and the American government — have had something done to their minds, their memory, their ability to discern that is nothing short of horrifying.

A key part of this has been subliminals (speaking of which, have you seen the default Windows 7 welcome screen? see below image, complete with an olive tree branch and JWO “peace” dove emanating from the mocked-up aerosol glare they’re subliminally showing us to get used to seeing) which are obvious everywhere — on television, in print and outdoor display advertisements, etc. That’s clearly part of the psychological kill switch that’s been implanted into folk’s minds, just as the one which makes people react with blind rage the moment you mention anything about the Jews, the Jew World Order, etc. — EVEN WHEN the Jews admit these things themselves, at least amongst themselves, in their own publications, etc.

Windows 7 Welcome Screen
Another thing they’ll never tell you is that their holiest book, the Talmud, instructs Jews that non-Jews are “non-human animals”, mere cattle which exist only to serve the Jews.

Yet they’re the ones slandering critically minded folk as hateful, as racists, as bigots, and so on.

This “pot calling the kettle black” phenomenon is well-known, throughout history, amongst the Jew-wise.

You can see it vividly in the way the Israelis perpetually slander the virtually unarmed Palestinians as the terrorists, when the former have caged in the latter, after having, first, stolen their homeland. You can also see it vividly in the way that 66 million Russians (mostly Christians) were mass-murdered by the Jew-led communist government, and that this fact is scarcely known, while we hear incessantly of the 6 million Jews, despite the fact that this is a proven fiction, and that the Jews were parading around the 6 million-figure “Holocaust” from the start of the 20th century, decades before Hitler even came to power, let alone the latter days of the Second World War, a dozen years later. Yet that juxtaposition of 66 million vs. (a wholly fictional) 6 million should tell you everything you need to know to at least begin to suspect, in the words of Shakespeare, “that something’s rotten in the state of Denmark”.

The same “holy” Talmud says that Jesus Christ is boiling in hot excrement, that his mother Mary was a harlot, and countless other such blasphemous things.

These are the people that have brainwashed naive Westerners to consider as God’s Chosen — even when Jesus himself called them the “synagogue of Satan”, and that the New Testament is strewn with like statements about their being of their father the devil — the father of lies, murder, etc. Jesus even makes clear in Revelation 2:9 that they’re not even Jews. They simply masquerade as Jews as a means to usher in their Jew World Order in preparation for the anti-Christ’s reign over all of humanity.

I think my [now Jew-wise] mother is right when she says that most folk just can’t believe there exists such evil in our world, in our day and age. Ironically, perhaps least of all self-avowed Christians.

Yet the Bible makes no sense whatsoever without an understanding of such evil, and that it’s ever-present, and that Christians will face unspeakable persecution at the hands of the above mentioned “synagogue of Satan” — at least to the extent they remain self-avowed Christians in the face of persecution the likes of which most folk can scarcely begin to imagine, only because they’re so thoroughly ignorant of history which demonstrates the reality of such persecution down through the ages, as well as present-day reality, worldwide.

The Noahide Laws (having nothing whatsoever to do with Noah, but, in typical JWO fashion, the deceitful name helps tremendously as a means to dupe the goyim) explicitly outlaw “idolatry”, yet consider belief in Jesus Christ to be just that.

Do you know what the penalty is, according to the Noahide Laws, for such “idolatry”?

Execution by beheading.

George H. W. Bush — Noahide Laws

Public Law 102-14 is a federal law passed in 1991, signed by President George H. W. Bush

Did you know that (known pedophile-predator) George H. W. Bush signed a law into effect, as shown above in 1991, which promises to bring the Noahide Laws into effect in the U.S. as part of a global movement?

The same George H. W. Bush, that is, who assured us of the coming of the New World Order. The “peace” he speaks of therein is the state in which no resistance is left standing to resist it. That’s the “peace” dove which we see in the above Windows image, in which the JWO’s “United Nations” (an odd name for a one world order) crushes — as the Jews did in the Soviet Union — any attempt at resistance, or even free thought.

Indeed, even their most trusted advisors and implementers were liquidated, time and again, as is made clear at the bottom of this essay, which I wrote and sent you a couple of months ago. For loyalty gets you nowhere with the Jew World Order. They’re renowned for turning on their own as a matter of course, a process which KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov knowingly describes.

So, in short, there’s no escaping our fate — unless we rouse our own selves and, then, proceed to, immediately, rouse others.

You might have seen news clips of the thousands and upon thousands of UN military vehicles transported around the U.S. last summer and autumn. A foreign military force which is not there to serve the American people. You no doubt have read what our Founding Fathers thought of such foreign troops on our own soil, as well as concerning such foreign intrigues the likes of which the U.S. is perpetually engaged in (without Congressional declarations of war) as a means to further empower and enrich the Jew World Order, at great, almost unspeakable loss to the American people, in both monetary and societal terms.

Also, the Noahide Laws create a two-tier system: one set of (tolerant) laws for Jews, and another set of (hateful) laws for non-Jews?

Again, we see this glaring hypocrisy, too, in the Talmud itself, in which it says, explicitly, that it’s okay to defraud non-Jews, for, after all, we’re mere animals which exist to serve them.

While giving the above some thought, remember — assuming you’ve read the relevant parts of the Bible — that “the Jews” are still awaiting their “messiah”, having rejected their own Old Testament prophets’ describing, unmistakably, the coming of Jesus as the Messiah. The “messiah” that “the Jews” are awaiting is he whom Jesus calls the anti-Christ, literally, the anti-Messiah.

The Book of Revelation, in particular, is clear about what will happen to Christians when this phony messiah is placed atop the coming one world government — the Jew World Order.

And that’s exactly what the Noahide Laws coming to effect in the U.S. anticipate.

But given all this — of which I’m sketching out in rough detail — isn’t it astounding that so-called Christians have allowed themselves to be so utterly duped by those whom they’ve blindly, subserviently accepted to be God’s Chosen, even when Christ himself tells us they’re the seed of Satan?

To the extent we actually are true Christians, doesn’t it become inescapably clear just how urgent is the necessity that we begin to learn about, to recognize, and to call out these enemies within, which, again by their own admission, control, for starters:

  • the economy, via the Jew-owned/controlled fraudulent Federal Reserve banking cartel that has stolen countless trillions from the American people, and which, for that very reason, refuses to be subjected to a Congressional or any other independent audit;
  • the political system, including the selecting of two JWO puppets from which we’re not even left to freely choose without interference from their fraudulent election system;
  • the media — mainstream/alternative, left/right/center, etc.;
  • the “arts” and “culture” system, including Hollywood (and, thereby, television, films, music);
  • the “education” system which they admit, in their own words, to having to subvert and degrade as a means to seize control of America;
  • the “justice” system which is, in fact, fraudulent from the ground up, with Common Law having been subverted by Maritime Law (designed to regulate, via statutes not laws, commercial transactions); the U.S. government is a corporation; the Constitution is not recognized; we human beings have been collateralized as corporate trusts, etc.;
  • the military fights wars not of the American people’s making, but merely as a proxy force on behalf of the Jew World Order;
  • the “law enforcement” has been set up as a military machine to be turned — you’ll witness it, if you haven’t caught glimpses of it already — against the American people.

And on its goes.

This is the Jew World Order of which I speak, and which I have taken considerable time to try to inform you of. Thus far to no avail.

And yet it’s me, with so little to Mufidah’s and my combined names at present, who takes the time out of my day to share this with you. The financial situation is nothing new. We’ve learned, of necessity, to live by (literal) faith in God’s word, to worry not for the morrow, and to have faith that God does, in fact, know what we need before we ask for it, and that like the lilies in the field, we’ll be provided for. And one way or another, we always are.

(Note: This doesn’t mean that we don’t work our butts off via our various businesses, etc.)

But it should be indicative of my grave concern for our shared future, that in this situation I continue to take considerable time to try to share such crucially important things as I’ve discussed above with you. No?

Anyway, that’s all for now. When I’d opened this email window, my intention was to send you the above 2-minute video. The rest has flowed out of that aforementioned grave concern.




Did you know the Rothschilds financed both sides — as the Jew World Order always does (e.g., WWI, WWII, War OF Terror) — of the American Civil War? It was by way of this satanic endeavor that they, literally, set brother against brother. Just as they did Christians against Christians throughout WWI and WWII.

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