The Myriad Forms of Mind Control: A Brief Introduction

(GLARING Hypocrisy) Mind control is ubiquitous in today’s world, and to varying degrees it affects every human being on the planet. It’s no less than psychological warfare against all of humanity, designed to control populations by crushing the individualism that arises from natural independence of thought and action, and, in its place, inserting a spirit of collectivism centred around reliance upon and subservience to the State.

Depending on the methods of mind control to which we are subjected, at one end of the spectrum we have the opportunity to resist right through to no possibility at the other end. Where the option of resistance exists, an understanding of the tactics is key to whether we succumb or not.

Governments, intelligence agencies, research institutes and non-profit foundations are all actively involved in the research, development, funding and implementation of mind control. Together they focus on three broad categories: everyday mind control for the masses; mind control for specific groups of individuals, such as public figures, assassins and those regular folk who are deemed to be a threat to “national security”; and, mind control technologies that have the power to alter the emotions and mood of every human being in a targeted area.

Brainwashing Swirl

Everyday mind control is employed in all areas of life. Education, language, mass media, entertainment, advertising and propaganda work together to reinforce behaviours and attitudes that become societal norms. The manipulation of food, water and air, along with with the increasing prevalence of prescription drugs and mandatory vaccines, work together to weaken physical and mental capacity. The resulting full-spectrum dominance ensures control of the masses from the cradle to the grave.

“But, I have my own thoughts! I make my own decisions about my life — I choose where and how to live, am well-educated, follow current affairs and am critical of government. I’m an individual, not a cog in the system.”

Here’s the thing: everyday mind control isn’t about generating automatons, it’s about conditioning. Its purpose is to limit thought and create an illusion of choice within pre-determined parameters. It encourages docility within the masses, eradicating any meaningful resistance to the State and its intervention in almost every area of our lives — lives which are regulated and taxed to the hilt, conditions of modern life that most accept as inevitable, with some even welcoming these as progress. Both responses are, themselves, symptomatic of mass mind control.

While everyday mind control methods are unethical at best and criminal at worst, the techniques used to mind control specific groups of people are far darker and, in many cases, trauma based. Here we delve into the realm of mind-controlled assassins, puppet politicians and entertainers, and the use and abuse of mental health and psychotropic drugs, both in the military as well as in society, generally.

Mind control technologies that have the capacity to influence large groups of people include the propagation and abuse of electromagnetic frequencies and “neural dust” technology. Neural dust wirelessly links a human brain to a computer, while EMFs are generated and directed to specific targets, both individuals and entire groups. Both of these silent weapons have the power to instil fear, or any other emotion specified by the powers that be, into entire populations.

In this series, I’ll explore in greater depth the various aspects, methods and technologies of mind control that comprise this all-out assault on each and every one of us. To get new posts in this series as soon as they’re published, subscribe to receive blog posts by email.

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Mufidah Kassalias
Mufidah is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. She learned to connect dots at a young age when she mastered the Rubik’s Cube without instruction. In 2010 she unplugged her television and freed herself from brainwashing. As a result, she now sees dots everywhere and connects them in writing.

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