TED-Ed Hitler Video: Historical Propaganda for the Masses


(GLARING Hypocrisy) Yesterday one of my Facebook friends shared a TED-Ed video entitled, How Did Hitler Rise to Power? Curious to see how this misrepresented chapter in history would be condensed into 5.5 minutes, I clicked on the play button. The opening question set the tone:

How did Adolf Hitler, the tyrant who orchestrated one of the largest genocides in human history, rise to power in a democratic country?

Adolf HitlerWell, that’s a loaded opener. We have a tyrant and an orchestrated genocide. Fact. Then, we’re reminded that this terrible thing happened in a democratic country, a veiled message that’s made more explicit in the closing of the film:

Meanwhile, businessmen and intellectuals, wanting to be on the right side of public opinion, endorsed Hitler. They assured themselves and each other that his more extreme rhetoric was only for show. Decades later, Hitler’s rise remains a warning of how fragile democratic institutions can be in the face of angry crowds, and a leader willing to feed their anger and exploit their fears.

I started writing my comment just seconds into the film, watched some more, wrote some more, and on until I’d written over 900 words. While it’s entirely an off-the-cuff response that’s necessarily condensed, I figured I’d invested sufficient time to warrant turning it into a post. If only for the reason of highlighting how quickly a well-presented piece of propaganda can gain traction.

In less than 48 hours, the short film on Facebook has been viewed 8 million times, and shared 118,850 times. The YouTube version has 185,152 views, with 9,037 thumbs-up. That’s a total of almost 8.2 million views in just over a day. Over eight million people subjected to the endless simplistic repetition that Hitler was the most evil man in recent history. Oh, and that he exterminated 6 million Jews for no other reason that the fact that they were Jews.

I didn’t go into the myth of the 6 million, such as the two hundred printed instances of “6 million Jews” being in peril between the years 1900 and 1945. Nor did I mention the fact that the 6 million number remained the same even though the figure at Auschwitz was lowered on two occasions — first to 1.5 million and then to 1.1 million. And yet folk still believe that, despite an official 2.9 million reduction in the death toll at Auschwitz, the 6 million figure stands simply because the number endures throughout all mainstream media and educational institutions. I guess some people just struggle with maths.

Here’s the TED-Ed video in question, with my lengthy comment below, edited slightly for clarity.


Although beautifully presented, this film only perpetuates historical lies that are propagated as fact. There is plenty of good historical research that reveals the truth of WWI, Hitler’s rise to power and WWII.

Germany had effectively won the war in 1916. They extended an unconditional peace offer to a defeated Britain, but Zionist Jews intervened telling Britain they could win the war if the United States joined, and they promised to bring the US into the war in return for Palestine. This quid-pro-quo agreement was formalised by the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Meanwhile, in the United States the Jewish-owned and controlled press stopped publishing articles in support of Germany (many had come from Germany and still had ties and loyalty to the country) and began to print propaganda about terrible German Huns terrorising Europe, thus manipulating the American view of Germans and Germany to ensure support for joining the war.

This was followed by the false-flag sinking of the Lusitania, a British ship packed with Americans sailing into waters where U-Boats were known to be waiting. The reason it was a false flag and not an avoidable tragedy is because Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty at the time, sent the ship, knowingly, straight into the path of a particular U-Boat. They knew the U-Boat would attack because Germany had warned them not to allow any ships into the area. Churchill was doing his bit to get the US into the war, and it worked.

This film is, intentionally (very possible given that it’s coming from TED-Ed) or unintentionally, a pro-Jews-are-always-victims propaganda piece, perpetrating the anti-Semitism story about Germans and the myth of Hitler as a lone, tyrannical villain. A much better source of information is a talk by Benjamin H. Freedman, a Jewish businessman who defected from the Jewish movement in 1945, spending the remainder of his life and most of his $2.5 million fortune exposing Jewish tyranny. He was personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and many other powerful individuals. He also was present at Versailles for the signing of the treaty in 1919.

Hitler was right about capitalism and communism — both are banker constructs. Communism relied on Jewish banker money from the very outset, funding Trotsky and the Bolsheviks. And, the Great Depression was banker induced, not a natural state of economic affairs. The international Jewish community and organised Jewry declared war on Germany in April 1933. This was an economic war to be fought through boycotts, something they knew would seriously harm Germany since the country relied heavily on exports (goods and industry) as well as imports (food). If they couldn’t export, there was no money to purchase food and many people would face starvation.

All of that said, Hitler did tightly control everything, including all opposition (which, given the number of communists in the country, actually made sense, otherwise Germany, then Western Europe, might well have fallen under communism). Due to a combination of his economic policies and US trade and investment the German economy recovered very quickly, to the point that Germans had one of the highest standards of living in Europe (British people were still suffering from the depression inflicted upon them). All these companies continued to invest in and supply Hitler’s war efforts during WWII.

There’s much more that could be said, but the most important thing is that Hitler was not a lone, tyrannical madman. There is compelling evidence to suggest he was trained as a British agent at Tavistock in England in 1912, funded directly by Wall Street (Jewish money, Rothschild front) and indirectly by American industry in Germany.

The other important thing is that this film preys on the fear that the masses can be easily caught up into “hate” by a single, charismatic leader (the so-called Trump phenomenon, which, itself, is being massively manipulated with bus loads of people being paid to protest at his rallies, but that’s another story).

This (the charismatic leader phenomenon) only speaks to the apparent level. The far more powerful men behind world affairs are ruthless, willing to manipulate populations for their own nefarious ends. They are hard at work right now on distracting and dividing humanity. They fund (through various foundations) “grassroots” movements such as, colour revolutions, the Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers.

Those in the shadows of power are playing a deadly chess game on a global scale. Our leaders are the Kings and Queens, their lackeys the Rooks, Knights and Bishops. The rest of us are mere pawns being manipulated to take this side or that, to stand against our friend and neighbour, our brother and sister, our parents, our children. The chess game is slow and long, and there’s no plan for a swift win. The pawns will all fall, save a tiny few needed to serve and maintain. The Rooks, Knights and Bishops will fall, even though the think they’ve bought their salvation through their complicity. Some of the Kings and Queens will fall. Those in the shadows are orchestrating the destruction of the world as we know it.

All to say, the Hitler myth, while enduring, exists with other such historical myths to curtail our thinking and understanding of what really happened and, crucially, what’s happening today.

Deceive, distract and divide.

Here’s a link to the Benjamin H Freedman speech in 1961:


Of course, there’s so much more I could have spoken to — almost every phrase or sentence in the short film was full of propaganda and misdirection — but I’m sure those parts I addressed were more than enough food for thought for the person who shared the TED-Ed video. And, although the truth of these matters is widely known in certain circles, the unfortunate reality is that the masses remain caught in the web of lies that has been spun by the Jew World Order.

Those of us who have an understanding of this — or any other — part of history, must continue to share what we know with our friends, family and connections. Although we’re likely to miss things out (as I know I did in the above comment) when you’re faced with having to provide a crash course on a particular subject in a short space of time, or within the parameters of a Facebook comment, it’s far better to give an abridged account than to remain silent. It’s always going to be easier to talk with folk who are up to speed with real history, as there’s little risk involved, but truth needs to spread, and quickly. People need to come out of the closet, throw off their anonymous masks and stand publicly for truth. The more of us who do so, the stronger we are. And if any inspiration is needed, take a look at what Ernst Zündel did for twenty years, or what Arthur Topham and Monika Schaefer are doing today.

Yesterday, I published this post with a positive assertion that Hitler was a British agent. While there is compelling evidence to support this possibility, but not to prove it definitively, I have now qualified the statement to reflect this. I have also removed the reference to Hitler being a puppet. As I explain in the introduction, this post arose out of a comment I made on Facebook — a comment that was written quickly, relying on my memory and without my usual level of research. In writing this post, I decided to honour the comment as it stood. In retrospect, this was not a good decision. It is GLARING Hypocrisy’s intention — and, in fact, has been so for some time — to investigate this question further and to write a separate, well-considered article on the subject.

July 21, 2016

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