The Good Shepherd: Our New Gospel Website

(GLARING Hypocrisy) We’re happy to announce that The Good Shepherd, which Sean mentioned in one of his recent posts, is now live!

Since Sean and I share the gospel independently rather than as members of a particular church, we developed The Good Shepherd in support of our in-person and online gospel-sharing work — as a place for newly saved Christians to delve deeper into doctrine by way of the site’s content as well as through doctrinally sound sermons and documentaries, all to help folk avoid the tentacles of Jew World Order-inflicted false doctrine that has, tragically, infiltrated a great many churches, worldwide.

If you’d like to follow developments at The Good Shepherd — we’ll be adding a blog and more — please do sign up to the TGS mailing list via the popup box on the site. God bless.

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Mufidah Kassalias
Mufidah is co-founder and editor of GLARING Hypocrisy. She learned to connect dots at a young age when she mastered the Rubik’s Cube without instruction. In 2010 she unplugged her television and freed herself from brainwashing. As a result, she now sees dots everywhere and connects them in writing.

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